Casting coating application turbine housing

The roughness index of the inner cavity of the turbine casing casting channel has an important impact on the engine performance. In order to reduce the impact of the channel parameters on the air flow parameters (flow, flow rate, flow direction), in addition to requiring high dimensional accuracy (dimensional consistency) and smooth surface (roughness) of the inner cavity, the cleanliness (residual impurities) of the inner cavity surface shall not be ignored. In order to ensure the reliability and stability of the engine performance, It is the key to choose the proper coating for sand core casting.

Early trial parts ZHY889 coating test piece

ZHY899 casting coating has the advantages of smooth and dense coating surface, uniform coating thickness and good high-temperature performance. It solves the problem of roughness of the inner cavity of the turbine housing channel, correspondingly improves the cleanliness, ensures the dimensional accuracy (consistency) of the inner cavity of the turbine housing, further stabilizes the engine performance, and effectively prevents the defects such as sand sticking, scabbing and casting coating inclusions of the casting at the 1620 ℃ high-temperature pouring temperature.

Measuring points for surface quality and roughness of turbine casing inner cavity
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