Casting technology of mechanical bearing pedestal structure

The bearing pedestal can fix the bearing, support the operation of the bearing, and bear the pressure brought by the bearing, so as to ensure the normal torsion and rotation of the bearing and the normal operation of mechanical equipment. Bearing pedestal plays an important role in the operation of machinery and equipment, so it is very important to ensure the performance and quality of bearing pedestal. Casting technology is not only an important technology in the production of bearing pedestal, but also the key to ensure the quality of bearing pedestal. China’s casting output is very high, but there are still some deficiencies in the improvement of relevant casting technology. This paper studies the influence of casting technology on the impact strength and wear resistance of bearing pedestal through experiments, and determines the best casting technical parameters. With the progress and development of the times, under the new background and development needs, process technicians need to change the technical concept, pay attention to the innovation of technical methods and apply them to practice in order to have strong working ability.

A bearing can choose various types of bearing pedestal. Because different types of bearings can be selected, different bearing pedestal models are often brought. According to the different requirements of bearing and bearing pedestal, the classification of bearing pedestal is not exactly the same, so it should be carefully checked and selected according to the design. According to the shape classification of the bearing pedestal, the outer spherical bearing pedestal is also known as the bearing unit (SKF), and when there is no bearing, it is called the outer spherical bearing pedestal. The outer spherical bearing pedestal is divided into 200 series, 500 series, 300 series and 600 series according to the bearing series. Xoo series. According to the shape, the outer spherical bearing pedestal is divided into longitudinal seat (P seat), rectangular seat (f seat), rhombic seat (FL seat), circular seat (C seat), boss circular seat (FC seat), boss rectangular seat (FS seat), concealed hole seat (PA seat) and hanging seat (FA seat). According to the type, it can be divided into integrated type and non separated type. The integrated type (non separated type) is equipped with vertical bearing pedestal and screw fastening bearing box outer cover. It was originally developed as the bearing box of light truck, but it can also be used in the previous longitudinal bearing set. The rigidity of non separated vertical bearing pedestal is higher than that of separated bearing pedestal, and some of them can bear heavier loads. The outer spherical bearing pedestal is also an integral bearing pedestal.

The main function of the bearing pedestal is to effectively support and fix the bearing. At the same time, it can also bear and share the pressure transmitted from the bearing, so as to ensure the stable operation of the machinery and improve the equipment structure. In addition, it also has the effect of easing the torsion spring and vibration of the bearing, so as to effectively ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The bearing pedestal plays a very important role in the normal operation of the equipment. The quality and performance of the bearing pedestal need to be confirmed repeatedly, so as to ensure the normal operation of the machinery. At the same time, the quality of bearing pedestal is closely related to the application of bearing pedestal. Once the quality of bearing pedestal does not meet the production needs, it will affect the service life and work efficiency of bearing. Therefore, the research on bearing pedestal is of great significance and lays a foundation for follow-up work.