Characteristics of Lost Foam Cast

lost foam castLost foam cast has several Characteristics below

Firstly,flexible design of lost foam cast.

Provides sufficient degree of freedom for casting design , can get through foam plastics mold piece to forge highly complex castings.

Secondly,reduce the investment and production cost of lost foam cast.

Alleviate the weight of rough castings1. Batch of castings. Material of castings. Size of castings . Construction of castings.

Thirdly,untraditional sand core in casting.

So,there will be no allowed Size or incorrect core position in traditional casting which cause wall unevenness of casting.

Fourthly,cleaner production(CP)

Foam plastics At low temperature is harmless to the environment, recovery of old sand is more than 95%.

Technology equipmen of lost foam cast are the same with other casting technology, which has its defects and limitations, not all of the castings are suitable for using lost foam cast technology to produce,must carry on a concrete analysis.

The passage above talks about characteristics of lost foam cast.