Classification and materials of box castings

According to the function of box casting, it can be divided into transmission box casting, pump body and valve body casting and support box casting.

(1) Transmission box castings, such as reduction gearbox, are used to accommodate and support various transmission components. The box castings are required to have good sealing, strength and stiffness.

(2) The main function of pump body and valve body, such as the pump body of centrifugal pump and the valve body of pressure reducing valve, is to change the movement state of liquid. Such box castings are required to have good sealing, stiffness, strength and good pressure bearing capacity.

(3) Support box castings, such as support box castings, are required to have certain strength, stiffness and accuracy, and the appearance modeling needs to be considered in the design.

According to the manufacturing method of box castings, it can be divided into three categories: Casting Box castings, welded box castings and other box castings.

(1) Cast box, commonly used materials are cast iron, cast steel, cast aluminum alloy, etc. the characteristic is that the shape of box casting can be designed more complex, with good vibration absorption and machining performance. It is commonly used for small and medium-sized box castings in batch production.

(2) Welded box castings are welded from plates. They require simple structure and shape and short processing cycle. Welded box castings are often used for box castings in small batch production.

(3) Other boxes, such as injection molded boxes, are commonly used for boxes with simple structure and mass production.

Gray cast iron is often used as the casting material of the box, and the commonly used gray cast iron grades are htl00 ~ ht400. The reason is that gray cast iron has good wear resistance, machinability and fluidity, and it is easy to obtain box castings with complex structure.

The box casting made of cast aluminum alloy is used to reduce the quality and can be strengthened by heat treatment. It has good strength and plasticity. Cast steel is used for box casting because it has certain strength, good plasticity, toughness and weldability.