Sectional area ratio of each sprue for tractor box casting

The design of casting process of tractor reducer case is studied. The main research contents include the following parts:

(1) The molding materials for sand casting, namely resin sand and sodium silicate sand, are introduced; The advantages and disadvantages of the two molding materials and the differences between them are compared. Finally, the molding material suitable for the casting system of tractor reducer box is selected as sodium silicate sand.

(2) This paper analyzes the structural manufacturability of the reducer box body casting, introduces the typical structure of the casting, such as boss, stiffener, sudden change of wall thickness and minimum casting hole, and determines the parting surface and the position of the inner sprue.

(3) The gating system of the reducer box body casting is designed, three gating schemes are determined, and the pouring position and pouring time of various gating schemes are determined.