Common casting methods are as follows

1.Sand casting: sand casting is a method of making sand mold with model and pouring in liquid metal after mixing the original sand, binder and auxiliary materials in a certain proportion. Sand casting is the most common casting method.

2.Investment casting: investment casting, also known as “wax loss casting”, is a method of coating several layers of refractories on the surface of wax pattern, melting the wax pattern to form shell after it is hardened and dried, then baking and pouring to obtain casting. Because the obtained castings have high dimensional accuracy and surface roughness, they are also called investment casting.

3.Metal mold casting: metal mold casting is also called hard mold casting. It is a casting method that liquid metal is poured into metal mold by gravity casting to obtain castings. So it is also called “gravity casting”.

4.Low pressure casting: low pressure casting is a method that liquid metal fills the cavity from bottom to top under pressure to form a casting. Because of the low pressure used, it is called low pressure casting.

5.Pressure casting: pressure casting is called die casting for short. It is a method to make liquid or semi liquid metal fill the die cavity at a higher speed under the action of high pressure and solidify under the action of pressure to obtain castings.

6.Centrifugal casting: centrifugal casting is a casting method that pour liquid metal into the rotating mold, and make the liquid metal fill the mold and solidify under the action of centrifugal force.

7.Continuous casting: continuous casting is a method of continuously pouring molten metal into a special metal mold called the mold, continuously pulling the solidified casting from the other end of the mold, so as to obtain any length or specific length of casting.

8.Lost foam casting: lost foam casting is made of foam gasification mold. Before casting, the mold is directly cast on the model without taking out the model. The model is vaporized at high temperature, and a casting method is made to fill the space by metal liquid filling. It is also called “solid casting”.

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