Comprehensively combed the production process and technology of auto parts

Currently, there are many processes and technologies involved in the production of auto parts, but the main purpose of this book is clear, focusing on the production of high-strength auto parts.

On the one hand, around the casting process of high-strength automobile parts, we have comprehensively studied the rust manufacturing technology, forging technology, sintering technology, stamping technology, resin synthesis technology, etc. On the other hand, around the mechanical processing of high-strength automobile parts, it comprehensively combed the knife technology, connection technology, heat treatment technology, etc.

The casting of auto parts is closely related to mechanical processing. The casting process directly determines the difficulty and process of mechanical processing of auto parts. Whether the machining technology is advanced or not affects the later assembly and assembly. China’s auto parts production has fully entered the digital era. CNC technology is deeply embedded in the casting and machining of auto parts. For example, the common CNC machine tool solution can control the precision of auto parts at the micron level with the help of computer computing power, processing power, output capacity, etc.

However, in order to realize the production of “high-strength automobile parts”, a special product, the machining technology still needs to be further improved, that is, to move forward from the “digital era” to the “intelligent era”, and to further reduce the errors generated in the processing process of high-strength materials by virtue of the powerful control ability of artificial intelligence. From this perspective, the automobile industry means the great integration and innovation of various technologies. The future high-strength automobile parts machining platform should reach the level of chip processing.