Cooperation direction between Chinese foundry manufacturers and foreign foundry manufacturers

The key points of the development of foundry industry are: on the one hand, further accelerate the pace of enterprise restructuring, eliminate small enterprises with high energy consumption, poor level and serious pollution, integrate industrial resources, and improve the scale and competitiveness of enterprises; On the other hand, it is to apply advanced technology and equipment to improve the level of enterprise management. The shortcut to this goal is to strengthen cooperation with foreign enterprises.

Casting is a labor-intensive enterprise and a typical example of hot, dirty and tired. China has cheap labor and rich raw materials. After entering the WTO, there will no longer be problems of foreign exchange balance and export. Therefore, more Sino foreign joint ventures or wholly foreign-owned foundry manufacturers will enter China. The establishment of these foundry manufacturers will also bring new foundry technology and equipment to China and bring good foundry samples to China, but at the same time, it will also increase competition and make more foundry manufacturers close down. Therefore, our enterprises should seize the opportunity of the transfer of foreign foundry manufacturers to China and strengthen their cooperation. To introduce technology and equipment through cooperation, it is more important to learn and absorb the advanced management concepts and experience of foreign enterprises.

It is worth noting that due to the mechanism of Chinese enterprises and the problem of excessive burden, more foreign capital will invest in new foundries in the future instead of rebuilding old foundries.

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