Design of runner form and section proportion of bridge bearing steel casting

At present, the design of each element size in EPC casting has not yet formed the standard of casting one. All researchers and manufacturers have been trying and revising constantly on the basis of the pouring theory design of reference sand casting. According to the section proportion of each unit, pouring can be divided into closed pouring, semi closed pouring and open pouring. In order to make the molten metal fill the sprue quickly and establish a certain static head, the lost foam casting is more inclined to be designed as closed pouring pouring, which is widely used in small and medium-sized parts. For thick and large pieces, the inner gate of closed casting casting is broken or cracked because the inner gate of steel soft section is too small to bear the gravity of coating. In order to maintain the overall strength of the model, the size of the sprue section will be increased, which will affect the casting yield.

The steel damping bearing steel castings studied in this study belong to thick and large parts, which is conducive to the smooth filling of the molten metal. The proportion of each section of the runner is designed as follows: F: F: F: =1: (1.1~1.3): (1.2~1.5), which is open cast pouring according to the proportion of the section, but the metal liquid in the early stage of pouring is affected by the compressive force of the foam pyrolysis product, and its filling status is still closed. Establish a stable static head. In addition, in order to prevent the reverse spraying of liquid metal during pouring, the sprue is made into an empty shell structure, which can effectively solve the problem of reverse spraying.

According to the experience method, the proportion of sprue section should be increased by 15% ~ 20% according to the experience method. In order to make and assemble the mold, the cross section of the sprue should be round or square, and the cross-section and trapezoid section should be square or trapezoid. For the scheme design of steel bearing in Benxi Iron and Steel Co., the D 3cm hollow runner is selected with a cross-sectional area of 28.26cm2; the cross-section size of the cross-section is 5cm × 6.5cm, and the cross-section area is 32.5cm; the number of ingates is set as 2, the single section size is 4cm × 5cm, and the total section area of the ingate is 40cmm2. Then the scheme f straight: F horizontal: ∑ f = 1:1.15:1.42, which meets the design requirements.

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