Development direction of product quality in China’s foundry industry

In recent years, China’s casting production technology has been significantly improved, but only a few backbone enterprises can produce high-quality castings. On the whole, the castings we produce are in terms of appearance quality (dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, surface defects and finishing quality), internal quality (metal purity, material properties, metal structure and internal defects, etc.) And the consistency of casting quality can only reach a lower level. here. Explain with several general situations.

Although China’s automobile casting enterprises are generally equipped with advanced equipment, so far, some passenger car castings with high quality requirements still rely on imports. In the analysis of China’s casting import and export, the price difference between China’s casting import and export is relatively large. Even if 100% of the products are qualified, they will not be competitive in the international market because of the low product quality standard.

It can be seen that improving the casting quality can not only enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, but also bring considerable benefits to enterprises. To improve quality, we must deepen the quality management of enterprises and units, improve the quality assurance ability, and adopt a series of industry standards.

1.It is no longer strange to ISO9001 foundry, but the enterprises without certification still account for the majority. The total number of certifications is calculated based on the data mastered by a certification company. By June 30, 2009, about 3000 foundries in China have obtained ISO9001 certification.

2.The proportion of foundry enterprises with ISO14000 and OHSAS certificates is at the midstream level in various industries. So far, the ownership of these two certificates in the national foundry industry is only more than 100. The urgency of most foundries for these two certificates is not high, but it does not prevent them from significantly strengthening their awareness and commitment to abide by laws and regulations on environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

3.SA8000 has been copied in China, but since the standard is initiated by non-governmental international organizations, the examination and approval of application certification institutions should be relatively strict. The Chinese enterprises involved in casting are only toy factories with die-casting process and individual household appliance factories with sand casting. It is estimated that the total number will not exceed 10.

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