Simulation results of casting defects in nodular cast iron process of hub support

As shown in the figure, the porosity results of numerical simulation of nodular cast iron are mainly used to judge the casting defects of shrinkage porosity and shrinkage cavity in nodular cast iron. According to the scale on the right, the color area is the position where shrinkage cavity casting defects may occur, and the gray white is the position without casting defects.

Using the X-ray perspective function in the post-processing module of magma software, the position and volume of internal casting defects of nodular cast iron can be observed more clearly. As shown in the figure, there are 36 shrinkage casting defects in the whole system, of which 30 are distributed in nodular cast iron, the number of casting defects is large, and the overall volume of casting defects is large. It shows that the pouring result under this process design is not ideal and needs further optimization and improvement.