Development of lost foam casting

Lost foam casting has outstanding advantages, which has attracted more and more attention of foundry workers in recent years. Lost foam casting has the advantages of small one-time investment and low production cost. It can produce castings with almost no surplus, and has a good working environment. It is very suitable for the requirements of the development trend of mechanical products in the world to the development of flexible systems put forward by the foundry industry.

With the long-term efforts of lost foam casting enterprises and workers all over the world, today’s lost foam casting process has broken through the old concept that it is only suitable for the production of single piece, small batch and medium and large castings, and turned to the production of large batch castings.

At present, many foreign countries have successively built lost foam casting production lines and professional factories, which makes the application of this process to the mass production of castings such as automobiles, engines, internal combustion engines and so on a reality, and has achieved a stable development status.

The lost foam casting process has been increasingly improved in foreign countries, producing aluminum castings such as engine cylinder block and cylinder head, gray iron castings such as crankshaft, transmission case, brake disc, differential housing and nodular iron castings.