Setting of thermophysical parameters of frame sand casting

The setting of thermophysical parameters in the simulation process includes the determination of sand casting – zg230-450 and mold – sodium silicate quartz sand. The steel material used for the sand casting frame is zg230-450. There are no corresponding thermophysical parameters in the ProCAST material database. During the simulation, it is obtained by the combination of software calculation and relevant manuals. The solidus temperature of sand casting is 1450 ℃, the liquidus temperature is 1503 ℃, and some thermophysical parameters of sand casting are shown in the figure.

It can be considered that all the mold materials are sodium silicate quartz sand, and its thermophysical parameters have been obtained. When the temperature field and stress field are simulated, the stress parameters of sand castings and mold materials need to be set. Some stress parameters of sand castings are mechanical properties at high temperature, and the Poisson’s ratio of sand castings is constant 0.33.