Development status of China steel casting industry

1.Mainstream enterprises refer to some former national enterprises, which make use of the advantages of equipment conditions and further carry out large-scale investment and technological transformation, introduce foreign large-scale steel-making advanced equipment, expand reproduction, improve the weight of single steel casting parts, produce large-scale high-quality pure molten steel, reduce imports and improve China’s steel casting level.

For example, Dalian heavy industry group has invested 210.3 billion yuan in the expansion and transformation of steel casting, equipped with 60 ton electric arc furnace, 100 ton three station LF ladle refining furnace and 10 ton VD / VOD vacuum furnace, and the single weight of steel casting parts can reach about 20 tons.

Ningxia Great Wall shares the joint production of steel casting parts with Austria steel, with a unit weight of up to 10 tons.

Shanghai heavy machinery smelting and casting plant has invested 200 million yuan in capacity expansion and transformation, equipped with 10 ton and 120 ton electric arc furnaces, and the unit weight can reach about 450 tons.

After the transformation of Anshan heavy steel casting, the unit weight can reach more than 40 tons.

In addition to these national large-scale enterprises, provinces, cities and localities are also increasing investment in transformation. At present, the number of enterprises capable of producing single piece weight of more than 100 tons has increased faster than the sum of the steel casting industry in the world, providing a guarantee basis for China’s production of large-scale high-quality steel casting parts, gradually reducing imports and accelerating the development of China’s steel casting industry.

2.Small and medium-sized enterprises, especially some individual private enterprises, are developing rapidly. For example, there are dozens of small steel foundries in a town in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. These enterprises are characterized by flexible mechanism and strong market adaptability. They have made some contributions to the substantial increase of the output of steel casting parts in China in recent years.

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