Study on Numerical Simulation of lost foam casting

In recent years, due to the development and application of various precision molding technologies, the casting process simulation technology has been successfully applied to the traditional sand casting and pressure casting. The simulation technology is mainly to observe the mold filling and solidification process of the casting, so as to predict the casting defects, and finally optimize the casting process through the simulation results.

Compared with ordinary sand mold casting and pressure casting, the numerical simulation technology of lost foam casting process is developed later, and there are still many needs to continue to study the lost foam casting process. For example, in the process of lost foam casting, there is a rapid and complex physical and chemical reaction between the front of the liquid metal and the foam pattern. Because the liquid surface passing process is not yet fully understood, the technology can not be mathematically modeled.

The filling process of lost foam casting was introduced, and the filling shape, filling speed and heat transfer characteristics were analyzed. In addition, the research status and development trend of lost foam casting technology are summarized, and the development trend of numerical simulation is also introduced.