Development trend of casting alloy materials in China

With the goal of strengthening and toughening, lightening, precision and high efficiency, we should develop new cast iron materials, focus on the development of ADI heat treatment equipment, formulate national standards as soon as possible, and promote the new technology of ADI (such as interrupted heat falling sand method, interrupted normalizing method, etc.); Development of thin-walled high-strength gray iron casting manufacturing technology, cast iron composite manufacturing technology (such as in-situ reinforced particle iron matrix composite technology, etc.), cast iron surface or local strengthening technology (such as surface laser strengthening technology, etc.).

Develop new wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant special alloy materials; develop new varieties of cast alloy steel (such as cast steel materials with high performance price ratio such as nitrogen-containing stainless steel), improve material performance, utilization rate, reduce cost and shorten production cycle.

Develop high quality aluminum alloy materials, especially aluminum matrix composite materials. The action principle of alloying elements in aluminum alloy and the strengthening way of aluminum alloy are studied. The methods of reducing the content of Fe, Si and Zn in the alloy, improving the strength and toughness of the alloy and the way of heat treatment and strengthening of the alloy are studied.

The composition, modification and heat treatment technology of zinc alloy with better mechanical properties are studied, and new die casting alloys such as magnesium alloy, high zinc aluminum alloy and ferrous metal are developed.

Develop new casting composite materials, such as metal matrix composite, base metal matrix material and reinforced component material; strengthen the research of particle, short fiber, whisker discontinuous reinforced metal matrix composite and in-situ casting metal matrix composite; develop the follow-up processing technology of metal matrix composite; develop the technology of reducing production cost, material reuse and environmental pollution; Expand the application field of cast titanium alloy and reduce the casting cost.

In order to achieve the best match of composition, structure and property, the computer optimization design of casting alloy composition was carried out, and the casting alloy with excellent performance was mainly simulated and designed.