Development trend of China steel casting industry in the next few years

1.With the expansion and transformation of some steel casting industries and the large investment and construction of local private enterprises, the number of enterprises with a single piece of steel casting production of more than 50 tons has increased significantly. The market price of large tonnage steel casting parts is much higher than that of ordinary tonnage castings (the price of some castings with more than 100000 tons is doubled compared with that of 5-30 tons, and the price of ordinary carbon steel parts, including simple rough machining, is as high as about 20000 yuan per ton). This is also one of the main reasons for rushing into large smelting steel casting furnaces.

2.New technologies and processes are adopted in steel casting production to effectively improve the casting level of steel casting parts. In terms of molding, the traditional C02 sodium silicate sand will be quickly eliminated and replaced by organic vinegar hardened sodium silicate sand process, wet molding sand process and vacuum molding process, and the molding process of bark resin sand and phenolic resin sand. In terms of molten steel smelting, the smelting process will be strictly controlled and the content of SP and inclusions will be controlled. Molten steel refining technology (LF, VD, VOD, Rh, SKF method, etc.) is adopted to further improve the quality of molten steel.

3.Computer simulation technology is applied to simulate the casting solidification process, optimize the casting process and improve the casting quality.

4.Research, develop and produce high-precision castings with high requirements, gradually replace imports, and improve the overall level of steel casting production in China. Although China has ranked first in casting output in the world for several consecutive years, there is still a certain gap in casting size, precision, surface quality, material, mechanical properties, service life, etc. compared with foreign developed countries.

5.From the traditional electric arc furnace steelmaking to the modern electric arc furnace steelmaking, the steel casting production adopts the external refining technology and the double process of electric furnace and ladle refining furnace to remove the gas and inclusions in the liquid steel, improve the molten steel smelting quality and improve the mechanical and service properties of steel casting parts.

More than 90% of Japan and the United States are produced by off furnace refining equipment such as lf method, VD method, VOD method, Rh method and SKF method. In China, less than 1% of steel casting enterprises adopt out of furnace refining. Therefore, adding refining equipment outside the furnace and improving liquid steel quality is a key development direction of steel casting industry in improving molten steel smelting quality in recent years.

6.Strengthen the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure and form a reasonable economic scale. (according to preliminary statistics, there are nearly 30 large and small steel casting enterprises in Wuxi, with an average output of no more than 100 tons).

China’s steel casting production enterprises have many plants, small scale, low casting grade, poor precision, low price and relatively backward casting technology and equipment. To change this situation, we must make efforts to adjust and optimize the industrial structure and form an economic model focusing on product specialization.

7.Strengthen technological progress and improve the ability of technological innovation. We should establish and improve the enterprise oriented technological innovation system as soon as possible and speed up the construction of enterprise technological innovation capacity. Large and heavy foundry enterprises should establish enterprise technology centers; Actively promote the joint development project of industry, University and research; Gradually increase the investment in technological innovation of enterprises, and strive to develop high and new technologies such as computer-aided design, auxiliary manufacturing, auxiliary process management, computer integrated manufacturing system, computer simulation technology, agile manufacturing technology, rapid response manufacturing technology and precision manufacturing technology, as well as the application of new materials and new processes in casting production, Use high and new technology to transform and upgrade foundry enterprises and promote technological upgrading of enterprises.

8.Adopt advanced casting technology and equipment to improve casting quality. The enterprise shall adopt advanced, mature and applicable process technology and equipment suitable for the enterprise’s conditions according to the product quality requirements. The grade and quality of casting products should be continuously improved by optimizing the structure of casting production technology. While accelerating the production management of enterprises, enterprises should strengthen product quality management, strengthen the awareness of quality competition, establish and improve the quality assurance system, improve the detection means, timely revise the product quality standards of enterprises, organize production according to the internationally recognized quality standards, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

9.Carry out green casting technology and improve the level of cleaner production. Foundry enterprises should start from the strategic height of sustainable development, pay attention to the cleaner production of foundry, actively promote the new environmental protection technology, new materials and equipment of foundry through the adjustment of industrial structure and the closure of foundry sites with serious pollution; Enterprises should create conditions, implement the ISO 14000 environmental protection management system standard, pass the certification as soon as possible, and have obtained the right to participate in the market competition.

10.Develop the market and improve the awareness of economy and trade and the level of international operation. Facing the fierce foreign market competition, enterprises are required to have high market development ability. Enterprises should improve their economic and trade awareness, be familiar with WTO rules, and use the WTO anti-dumping law and relevant Chinese laws and regulations to enhance their self-protection ability. We should strive to reduce production costs and improve product competitiveness on the premise of ensuring quality.

11.To implement talent strategy and create a good employment mechanism, foundry enterprises must implement talent strategy and people-oriented. Formulate policies to attract and stabilize scientific and technological talents and create conditions to attract scientific and technological talents to work in enterprises; We should strengthen the construction of talent teams and bring up a large number of compound talent teams for scientific and technological innovation and management; We should strengthen the functional training of all employees and comprehensively improve the skills and quality of employees.

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