The Characteristics of Sand Casting

Sand casting is a production of castings in sand casting method. The foundry industry more than 80% of the products is done sand casting, so we usually told by casting commonly refers to sand casting that sand mould casting.

sand casting (3)Sand casting use molding sand and core sand as model material to make casting mold, the next filling liquid metal under gravity to produce the west midlands. Manufacture materials of sand mold known as molding materials. Traditionally used in the manufacture of sand mold material called molding sand, used in the manufacture of sand core material called core sand. Sand is usually composed of the original sand (mountain sand or river sand), mixture of clay and water in a certain proportion, and the clay is about 9%, water about 6%, the rest is roughing sand. Sometimes a few additions such as coal powder, vegetable oil, wood chips in order to improve the performance of molding sand and core sand. The quality of molding sand and core sand directly affects the quality of the castings, molding sand bad quality will make casting blowholes, sand holes, adhering sand, sand inclusion and other defects. Good molding sand should have good air permeability, high enough strength, good fire resistance, high plasticity and rolled back.

Because of the sand casting molding materials used in the cheap, mold manufacture is simple, piece of casting production, the batch production and mass production are able to adapt to, for a long time, the sand casting has been the basic technology of casting production. Sand casting method is available for steel, iron, and most of the non-ferrous metal alloy casting.

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