Ductile Iron Cast Introduction

Ductile iron cast is a kind of spheroidal graphite which has been dealt by spherify and modification. By this way, the mechanical capacity of ductile iron cast has been efficiently improved, especially for the plasticity and tenacity which made the ductile iron cast has a higher intensity than carbon steel.

Ductile iron cast is a kind of iron-carbon alloy with the carbon content greater than 2.11% which is made of commercial pig iron, steel scrap and other alloy materials except the elements of Fe, C, Si, S, P after being melt and shaped. Except for iron, there are carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, rare earth and magnesium and some other elements included inside of ductile iron cast.

Ductile iron cast belongs to high strength cast iron materials which could be dated back to the 20th Century. The combination property of ductile iron cast is very close to steel which has been successfully used in some complex-force, high-strength and high abrasive resistance accessories based on its outstanding performance. Recent years, ductile iron cast has become the second widely used cast iron materials after gray cast iron. There’s an old saying goes “take iron in place of steel”, which refers to the ductile iron cast.

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