The Character of Cast Iron Casting

Cast iron casting is not the pure iron. It is the MULT-elemental Fe-based alloy which the basic composition is Fe, C and Si. The chemical component is C (2.5%-4%), Si (1%-3%), P(0.4%-1.5%). So as to improve the ability of cast iron casting, people often add little Cr, Ni, C and Mi into the cast iron casting.

cast iron castingCast iron casting has some performances and advantages:

1.The technological process of cast iron casting is simple. And the equipment is also simple. The cast iron casting is exist for long times.

2.The price is cheap for people can do mass production.

3.Good wear resistance.

4.High damping resistance.

5.Lower notch sensitivity.

6.Excellent machinable carbide.

7.The cast iron casting contain graphite, so it has little transmit shrinkage, the casting performance is better than steel.

8.Although the strength of extension, plasticity and tenacity of cast iron casting is lower than the carbon steel, the cast iron casting also has some advantages than carbon steel.

The carbon content of cast iron casting is high. So it has low melting point, which is about 1200 โ„ƒ. This character make the liquid iron has good flow.

The technological process of cast iron casting has very important position. This invention make agriculture become more and more advanced, and let people can do else thing not worry about starving. This play an important role for our development of human history.