The Process of Copper Foundry

Firstly, clay sculpture is a necessary step in the traditional copper foundry.

The second step for copper foundry is to prepare the plaster abrasives and then wholly pack the clay sculpture by mixing the plaster and water together on the surface of it.

copper foundry (1)Then comes the colophony prototype which is the idiosome of sculture prototype. But all these won’t happen until the finish of plaster abrasives. We need to fix the resin body by the last polishing and adjusting, then the finished resin body will be used in making silicon rubber mold which is the original foundation of paraffin prototype and the major process of copper foundry. Till now the reproduced silicon mold is almost perfect, the melted paraffin will be pressured shot inside of silicon rubber mold to produce a paraffin body. This paraffin will be the visual copy of the coming products.

But the fact is that the there will be some residual lines on the paraffin prototype after separated from the silicon rubber mold. So we need to fix and modify the paraffin prototype according to the resin prototype idiosome so that the copper foundry could be perfect and smooth. This is a very important step in copper foundry which will make a great effect on the final products.