Factors Influencing of Quality of Iron Foundry

Iron foundry usually made by using metal casting, due to the influence of various factors, there are holes, pinholes, slag, cracks and other defects.

The quality of iron foundry mainly includes appearance quality, internal quality and service quality. First, appearance quality refers to the casting surface roughness, surface defect, dimensions, shape, and weight deviation;

Second, when we said the inner quality of iron foundry we get at the chemical compositions, physical properties, mechanical properties, microstructure and hole, crack, inclusion, segregation that exists in the interior of the iron foundry;

At last, the endurance ability in different working conditions, for instance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, spall resistance, fatigue, shock absorbing properties and remotion ability and weld ability of process performance, we call all these properties as iron foundry’s service quality.

iron foundry (1)Factors influencing the quality of iron foundry as follow:

The design process of iron foundry, reasonable casting process, the quality of material used for iron foundry, And the operation of the process-make reasonable process operation procedures, improve the technical level of workers, make sure the process procedures was implemented correctly.

Finally, control and inspect quality of iron foundrys during the entire process.
General appearance quality of the specialty of iron foundry can be acquired by below methods: comparison specimens to determine the casting surface roughness; surface crack coloring method, magnetic particle inspection method and so on.

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