Future development of selective laser sintering rapid investment casting

The combination of 3D printing technology and traditional casting industry has brought new vitality to the future casting industry. The combination of reverse engineering data detection and rapid investment casting can meet the development needs of enterprises for new products, small batch and complex parts. In this paper, the diffuser complex parts as an example, through the research on the wax post-treatment process, the size accuracy transfer law of rapid investment casting, and the investment casting process, provide the corresponding research methods for the subsequent application of SLS polystyrene rapid investment casting production. However, there are still some problems to be studied

(1) Study on SLS prototype wax impregnation process. Wax impregnation has a great influence on the dimensional accuracy of SLS prototype SLS rapid prototyping equipment, often has different optimal process parameters, and different process parameters, the corresponding primary and secondary wax temperature will have a certain difference, so for different models, different wax material, can completely refer to the research method of post-processing technology in this paper, to study the influence of wax technology on precision.

(2) Study on SLS rapid investment casting process. In this paper, the diffuser impeller of complex parts is taken as an example for size compensation, and the rapid investment casting is realized for the medium-sized castings with many blades and thin wall. Therefore, the parts with the same or similar structure can be prepared by this method. Considering that different castings have different structures, it is necessary to study whether there is a certain difference in the size correction factor proposed in this paper for different structures.

(3) The application of size error transfer law. According to the deviation between the actual model size deviation and the theoretical calculation, in the later stage, we can increase the heat source compensation to reduce the size shrinkage of the parts in view of the size shrinkage of the outer side of the sintered parts, and apply the law to verify again.

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