Geometric model of cast hydraulic valve body

As a high load precision mechanical part, the hydraulic valve body has the requirements of high pressure resistance, fatigue resistance and small deformation, which belongs to precision casting. However, due to its complex internal structure and great difference in weight, the valve body casting process is very complex, which leads to long production cycle, high production cost and poor casting quality.

Therefore, based on the design of the gating system of valve body, the casting system model of valve body is established, the filling and solidification process of casting is simulated by ProCAST software, the position and size of casting defects are predicted, and the position and size of casting defects of different structures are compared and analyzed to find the optimal valve body structure, so as to provide the optimal design of hydraulic valve basis.

As shown in the figure, there is a hydraulic valve body with only one oil inlet and one oil outlet. The structure is relatively simple, and its overall dimension is: length x width x height = 150x80x100mm.

The figure is a geometric model of integral multi way valve designed by a company for loaders (overall dimension: l x W x H = 278x257x130mm). The surface of the valve body is uneven, and the main valve hole is slender, there are many internal oil grooves and the shape changes greatly. The cross section shape or size of the same flow channel are different, and some flow channels are narrow and long. The valve body with multi-layer complex inner cavity structure will bring casting process It’s very difficult.

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