Geometric model of valve body lost foam casting

The lost foam casting material of high-pressure valve body is carbon steel ZG230-450, with good toughness and plasticity and excellent lost foam casting performance. The outline dimension of the valve body lost foam casting is 300 mm × 170mm × 82 mm, with a volume of 2912 290 mm 3 and a local maximum thickness of 51 mm. The overall structure is complex and asymmetrical. The 3D model of valve body lost foam casting is shown in Figure 1.

If high-temperature liquid metal is regarded as incompressible Newtonian fluid, the stress-strain relationship is:

Where: τ Ij is shear stress; Dui/dxj is the shear deformation rate; η Is the fluid viscosity.

The relationship between viscosity and temperature of ZG230-450 material is shown in Figure 2.