Innovation of low carbon modeling and compound mold optimization in Moldless sand casting process

The main innovations can be summarized as follows:

1.Aiming at the current situation of insufficient research on the sustainability of Moldless sand casting technology, the resource demand attribute relationship of Moldless sand casting process is analyzed, and the influencing factors of resource demand are deconstructed. On this basis, the low-carbon modeling of Moldless sand casting process is carried out, and the establishment of multi-dimensional and objective low-carbon evaluation method is realized, The optimization objective and model analysis basis are provided for the subsequent optimization design of process parameters of composite mold.

2.In view of the lack of parting and process scheme design of composite mold in Moldless sand casting technology, combined with the analysis of the characteristics of Moldless sand casting mold, a composite mold module division method is proposed, and a composite mold design scheme based on composite forming is proposed for a certain type of motor end cover casting.

3.Based on the original mold process design scheme, taking reducing resource utilization, energy consumption, carbon emission and processing time as the optimization objectives, a design scheme for the low-carbon demand of composite mold is proposed. The optimal mold process parameters are obtained by taking the number of mold modules, mold size, mold wall thickness and machining allowance as the optimization variables, The optimized design scheme has considerable sustainability on the basis of meeting the forming quality of castings.

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