Research prospect of low carbon modeling and compound mold optimization in Moldless sand casting process

There are still some deficiencies in the research: the composite mold design scheme proposed for the casting is based on the design of annular lap edge gating system. When facing the top injection gating system or changing the structure of the casting, the composite mold design scheme will also be different, which has not been deeply discussed. In addition, the end of shot peening is regarded as the end of the process in the analyzed Moldless sand casting process, and the post-processing processes such as machining and heat treatment of castings are not considered in this paper. Based on this, the follow-up research can be considered from the following aspects:

1.For the forming of complex precision castings, different gating system design schemes are adopted to further study the influence of castings and gating system structure on the process design of composite mold and its potential in sustainable manufacturing.

2.Make full use of the advantages of Dieless casting technology in mold forming mechanism, and study the composite mold process design of hollow structure according to the structural characteristics of castings on the basis of meeting the forming quality of castings.

3.Research on Intelligent mold process design using dieless casting technology, and improve the adaptability of mold by arranging sensors.

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