Liquid die forging 6061 aluminum alloy wheel hub

6061 aluminum alloy is a kind of deformation aluminum alloy which can be strengthened by heat treatment. Because of its good weldability and excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, 6061 aluminum alloy is widely used in automobile, shipping, packaging and other industries. For some 6061 aluminum alloy components with complex structure, it is difficult to realize industrialization due to the complicated process and high cost when forging process is used. However, when the traditional gravity casting and low pressure casting are used, the defects of coarse grain, segregation and uneven structure exist due to the poor fluidity of molten metal.

Liquid die forging is a new preparation method of workpiece by injecting liquid metal directly into the mold and applying static pressure in the paste area. It has been widely used because of its smooth filling and compact parts. In recent years, 6061 aluminum alloy wheel has been made from 6061 aluminum alloy at home and abroad, and has been widely used The cooling rate and pressure on different parts of aluminum alloy wheel are different, which leads to the different structure and properties of different parts of liquid die forging aluminum alloy wheel. Therefore, the microstructure and properties of different parts of liquid die forging aluminum alloy wheel hub are studied in order to provide the basis for the optimization of die structure and process parameters of liquid die forging

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