Lost foam casting Box-Behnken test

ProCAST software was used to carry out numerical simulation of top and side pouring schemes, and the temperature field, shrinkage porosity and shrinkage defect diagram were analyzed. It was found that the side pouring scheme was easy to meet the principle of sequential solidification, and the defect-free lost foam casting could be obtained.

Through the optimization of Box-Behnken test design, it is found that the primary and secondary influence order of each influence factor on the defects of lost foam casting is vacuum degree, pouring speed and pouring temperature.

The hot crack prediction results in the response surface optimization scheme are analyzed. When the pouring temperature is 1576 ℃, the vacuum degree is 0.04 MPa, and the pouring speed is 104 mm/s, the hot crack index is 0.010 74, and the hot crack tendency decreases significantly. Box-Behnken optimization design has certain guiding significance for actual production.

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