Lost foam casting of Large Nodular Cast Iron Oil Pan

A804T0-1009006 oil pan is a heavy nodular cast iron part undertaken by ZHY Casting Lost Foam Casting Branch. The side casting process and fiber filter screen were used to block slag in the early stage. There are many cavity defects on the surface of the internal cavity of the nodular cast iron, and there are shrinkage defects at the drilled hole of the nodular cast iron after processing, which did not meet the technical requirements of the drawing, so it was unable to supply and deliver samples to the customer. Through process improvement, ductile iron castings meet customer requirements.

A804T0-1009006 The material grade of the oil pan nodular cast iron is QT450-10, the unit weight of the nodular cast iron is 245 kg, and the maximum overall dimension is 900 mm × 550 mm × 360 mm, main wall thickness 30 mm, minimum wall thickness 15 mm, maximum hot pitch circle of section φ 120 mm, the structure of nodular cast iron is as shown in the figure. The shape and structure of nodular cast iron is complex, and there are many hot spots, which are distributed in different positions of nodular cast iron.

Technical requirements: the surface of ductile iron castings shall be smooth and clean, and no shrinkage, slag inclusion, air hole, crack and other casting defects that cause oil leakage are allowed. The rest shall comply with the requirements of GB/T 1348-2009 Ductile Iron Castings. Ductile iron castings shall undergo water pressure test of 0.2 MPa for 2 min without leakage. The metallographic structure and mechanical properties of ductile iron castings shall meet the requirements of QT450-10 standard.

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