Model establishment of compacted vermicular cast iron pressure plate for automobile

Vermicular cast iron automobile clutch pressure plate casting is a small casting, its overall structure is similar to a disc, and the outer ring of the disc has six lugs. Overall dimension: total length: 254.7mm, outer diameter: 215.9 mm, inner diameter: 116 mm; There are three larger lugs distributed at 120 ° on the edge, and the other three smaller lugs are staggered with the larger lugs by 60 ° and distributed at 120 °, which is generally symmetrical left and right. The average wall thickness is 10 mm, the maximum wall thickness at the lug is 11.9 mm, and the minimum wall thickness is 5.5 mm; The material is ggv30 vermicular cast iron.

The chemical composition of vermicular cast iron pressure plate is shown in Table, the total mass is 2.06kg, and the three-dimensional model is shown in Figure.

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