Numerical simulation of typical stress frame of sand cast steel based on ANSYS

The stress frame is a typical sand casting used to simulate the conditions of residual stress produced by actual sand casting and estimate the possible stress value. The structure and size of the stress frame are different, and it can fully reflect the characteristics of the different temperature field and stress field distribution of the sand casting due to the different structure size, material, casting speed, etc.

There are many types of stress frame structures. The stress frame in this simulation experiment is a typical stress frame of thick and thin bars, and the ratio of cross section area of thick and thin bars is 30: 1. The structure size is as shown in the figure, and its pouring temperature is 1678% C. The three-dimensional transient temperature field numerical simulation system of the mold and its surrounding sand mold castings is based on the large-scale general finite element software ANSYS. The ANSYS thermal analysis is based on the heat balance equation based on the principle of energy conservation. The temperature of each node is calculated by the finite element method, and then the thermal analysis results are used as the thermal load for thermal stress analysis.

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