Optimization of casting process for Sand Mold casting

FE2 has eliminated the internal defects of the casting by increasing the edge-pressing riser. However, due to the increase of the quality of the riser, the amount of molten iron that needs to be melted in the casting process will increase, which will affect the carbon efficiency of the process plan. Aiming at the characteristic carbon benefit of sand casting process design, by optimizing the process parameters related to pouring characteristics, such as optimizing the quality of riser and the cross-sectional area of gate, the casting defects can be eliminated at the same time. It does not increase the quality of molten iron and improve the carbon efficiency of the process plan. According to the pouring temperature range of gray cast iron in Table 4-3, selecting the appropriate temperature and reducing the pouring temperature may cause the internal defects of the casting again, and determine the optimized process parameters.

The optimized process parameters are simulated by ProCAST, and the total shrinkage porosity and porosity reach the quality.
The request. As shown in the figure.

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