Overall design of compound squeeze casting forming system

At present, there are two main squeeze casting methods: direct squeeze casting and indirect squeeze casting. Researchers in various countries have conducted in-depth research on these two squeeze casting methods. The direct squeeze casting method and the indirect squeeze casting method were studied. In these studies, the size of the formed objects is small and the shape is regular. During the forming of large castings, the amount of molten metal required to be filled in the mold is large, and the molten metal waits for extrusion in the mold cavity for a long time, so the castings are prone to cold shuts and other defects. Neither direct squeeze casting nor indirect squeeze casting can solve the above problems. It is necessary to propose a new forming method and design a forming system suitable for this method according to the characteristics of squeeze casting process. Through the analysis of the existing squeeze casting process, a composite squeeze casting forming method is proposed. Based on this method, the overall design of the forming system is carried out.

The forming method of composite squeeze casting is put forward, which combines the advantages of direct squeeze casting and indirect squeeze casting, and is suitable for squeeze casting of large castings.

The overall design of the compound squeeze casting forming equipment was carried out, and the system model of the squeeze casting forming system for large castings was established according to the prototype of the equipment. The former creates conditions for designing and manufacturing equipment for large-scale casting forming test in the follow-up research, and the latter makes it possible to simulate the production logistics of large-scale casting squeeze casting forming system.

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