Parameter setting of sand mold casting process model

The genetic algorithm is used to solve the global optimization of the industrial design parameter scheme of sand casting. Before using the genetic algorithm, the operating parameters of the genetic algorithm need to be set in advance. The set genetic algorithm attribute parameters are shown in the table.

Population sizeMaximum iterated algebraElite probabilityCrossover probabilityVariation probability

According to jbt5105-1991 and other relevant sand casting process design data, the machining allowance ๐‘’ of the sand casting of the motor shell is taken within [3.5,9], the draft angle ๐‘Ž is taken within [0.42,3], the fillet radius ๐‘Ÿ is taken within [4,10], and the pouring temperature ๐‘‡ is taken within [14401450] according to the historical data of the foundry.