Problems in the research of vermicular graphite cast iron

At present, there are few studies on the cutting simulation of vermicular cast iron. According to the different three phases, pearlite, ferrite and graphite in vermicular cast iron, Mohammed established a two-dimensional cutting model of the three-phase structure of the reduced material itself in ABAQUS by using computer image recognition technology. The chip shape of the simulation results is consistent with that in the actual machining. Zhang Yuling uses the constitutive model in advantageedge software to simulate CGI and verify the test results. The tool wear mechanism of coated cemented carbide and uncoated cemented carbide was studied by chenmingle simulation. Goran used a method similar to Mohammed to simulate the cutting process of CG, and analyzed the effect of graphite spheroidization rate on chip formation.

(1) The research on vermicular graphite cast iron is mostly experimental research, but the dynamic mechanical behavior and constitutive equation of vermicular graphite cast iron at high temperature and high strain rate are less studied.

(2) There are a lot of experimental studies on cutting vermicular cast iron with coated cemented carbide, but there are few studies on cutting vermicular cast iron with PCBN tool.

(3) There are many cutting examples of vermicular graphite cast iron, but it is difficult to extract effective cutting parameters.

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