Production line of pump valve casting iron mold sand coated casting

The production practice of iron mold sand covered casting pump valve castings shows that the iron mold sand covered casting technology has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality, dense internal structure, energy saving and environmental protection, low production cost and so on. Using the mechanized production line of iron mold sand-clad casting to organize production can realize small investment and production site, and realize efficient, clean and high-quality casting production. The technology of iron mold sand covering casting is suitable for the transformation and upgrading of the production of pump valve castings, which helps to improve the overall quality and level of pump valve products, and has a very good role in promoting the overall strength of China’s pump valve industry.

1. Production line layout and equipment

Compared with the conventional mechanized production line of sand coated iron mold casting, the pump valve casting production line has been properly adjusted in the following two aspects:

(1) In order to improve the production efficiency, the process design of pump and valve castings adopts one box with more than one piece layout. During the production process, the work load of lower core is large, which is easy to affect the productivity. In the production line layout, the design of adding the lower core position can be adopted. According to the actual production needs, 1-2 workers can be added to improve the lower core efficiency.

(2) The characteristics of sand covering process of iron mold require that the waste heat of the iron mold after pouring should be used to complete the next molding. The weight of pump valve castings is light, and the amount of iron water for pouring is less. During the first two production cycles in the production process, the temperature of the iron mold is often too low to reach the curing temperature of the coated sand. In the production line, online iron mold heating device should be added, and combustion heating device should be used to improve the temperature of the iron mold before molding, To meet the requirements of molding qualification rate and production efficiency.

See Fig. 1 for the layout of the iron mold sand coated casting production line of the pump valve casting. The production line of iron mold sand covering for pump valve casting is composed of top hole cleaning machine, iron mold heating device, sand covering molding machine, turning box machine, closing box machine, opening box machine, casting machine, transition trolley, transfer box system, track changing system, pouring unit and conveying roller table, and is equipped with auxiliary systems such as delivery box and blocking box. Of this production line

The pouring line is divided into storage segment and pouring segment. Enterprises can arrange appropriate production rhythm according to their own needs. Before and after pouring, they can arrange the loading and unloading positions of the box buckle. Manual fixed-point hanging bag pouring and flow inoculation are adopted for pouring. Manual and automatic modes can be selected for each equipment and the whole production line. According to the requirements, the power of the production line adopts the combination of pneumatic, electric and hydraulic transmission. The production line has high degree of mechanization and automation, convenient operation and good production environment. After installation, the production line is as shown in Figure 8.

2. Linear energy parameters for production of pump valve castings

(1) Productivity: 30-40 boxes / h.

(2) Floor area of production line: 44000mm × 10000 mm.

(3) Iron mold size: 1200 mm × 660 mm × 300 mm.

(4) Total power of production line: 120kw.

(5) Compressed air consumption: 6 m3 / min.

(6) The production line adopts the layout of double molding main engine, which can meet the production requirements of producing two kinds of different pump valve castings at the same time.

3. Control system of production line

The control of the production line adopts a new network mode based on the full mapping server, that is, the control module of the production line is extended to the mapping server located at the upper level to form the data mapping level, and the bridge of efficient communication between the operation station and PLC and between the operation station and the operation station is established. The hardware equipment of the PLC full mapping server adopts the industrial server. The control system has efficient data sampling mode and reliable and efficient remote transmission mode. In this control mode, the upper level server can modify all parameters of the production line, record the operation data of the production line, and remotely monitor the operation of the production line through the network, analyze and eliminate the production line faults. The production operation status of the production line includes: various parameters of the production line, number of molding boxes, number of pouring boxes, production beat, failure time, etc. These data can be entered into the ERP system of the enterprise, which is convenient for the enterprise to control the actual production process.

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