Reconstruction method of blank model of casting parts

In the manufacturing process, due to the characteristics of complex structure, large volume and many cavities and holes, the casting process must be arranged first in the production process to generate the initial blank shape of the casting parts, and then form the final casting part shape and meet the functional requirements after multiple machining. In the design stage of casting parts, the designer designs according to the functional requirements and structural attributes. The 3D casting part model is the final shape and functional structure of casting parts, without considering the production process. In the traditional design and manufacture of mechanical casting parts, the casting parts to be cast must be redesigned by technicians according to the casting part drawing, and then cast in the mold. Now the three-dimensional CAD design technology of casting part model has been widely popularized. It is very important to study how to quickly generate the blank model from the designed casting part model.

From casting part model to blank model, it must go through a process of design feature recognition and manufacturing feature generation. This process is insurmountable. It is the core part of the system of generating blank model from casting part model.

Many achievements have been made in the research field of manufacturing feature recognition and generation. Many algorithms have been verified by ISO standard casting parts. Technically, the generation of blank model from design model of casting parts can be fully realized. This process can also be automated with a little manual intervention. The automatic generation of blank model is helpful to the integration of CAD design, reduce repeated labor, improve design efficiency and save design cost; It helps to realize 3C integration.

At present, there are still some problems to be solved in the automatic generation technology of casting part blank model, such as the automatic processing of fillet, draft angle and parting surface has not been realized, the intermediate result formed in the generation process of casting part blank model, that is, there is no unified recording format for manufacturing feature information, and the structure of geometric information and non geometric information of machining features needs to be further studied, The automatic association technology between machining features and design model needs to be studied, which is the key to realize 3C integration.