Research and Application of Investment Casting Technology

In recent years, developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan have continuously carried out research on new processes, new materials and new technologies for investment casting technology, constantly improved the basic theory of forming, and developed new process manufacturing technology on this basis.

Using investment casting technology, a large number of precision components with complex structure, excellent organizational performance and integrated integral forming have been developed, which are widely used in aviation weapons and aerospace equipment, improving the overall structural stiffness and service reliability of service components, significantly shortening the product manufacturing cycle, significantly reducing the total structural weight and manufacturing cycle, and meeting the production, development and mass assembly of a large number of weapons and equipment.

At present, high temperature alloy and titanium alloy precision investment casting parts are widely used in the runner, jet hood, suspension fork, runner, booster pump, booster pump retainer, etc. of missile weapon models abroad, and aerospace components. Investment casting technology has been widely promoted and applied in the aerospace field abroad.

Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of typical structural parts of aviation superalloy. Figure 2 shows the investment precision casting of Boeing 737 – FAD hatch door produced by PCC in the United States by investment casting. The wall thickness at the thinnest part is only 1.6 mm. Figure 3 shows the magnesium alloy casing investment casting applied to PW800 aircraft engine of Pratt Whitney, with a total weight of only 22kg.

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