Research on sand mold casting technology of tractor axle housing

Taking the tractor split axle housing as the research object, the paper firstly analyzes the process of the overall structure of the split axle housing, clarifies the quality control requirements for raw materials and auxiliary materials, determines the pouring position, pouring temperature and parting surface of the axle housing, and finally determines the casting process parameters of the axle housing and completes the process scheme. Then, three different gating system elements were used to analyze the system by using the finite element analysis software ProCAST The pouring system was simulated. By analyzing the flow field and temperature field of molten metal, combined with the casting defects such as shrinkage cavity and porosity in the axle housing, the corresponding measures were taken to optimize the casting process. By adding the casting riser and placing cold iron in the corresponding position, the quality of the axle housing was ensured and the final casting process met the technical requirements of the axle housing.

(1) Comprehensive research method: through consulting the relevant theoretical literature and standard data at home and abroad, and summarizing on the basis of the standard, combining with the actual situation to carry out systematic research.

(2) Computer simulation calculation: different process designs are simulated and analyzed by ProCAST simulation software to study the best process scheme.

(3) Test verification method: through the analysis of sample quality test, the optimization scheme of process flow is verified.