Simulation innovation of lost foam casting process

1) Because of the complex physical and chemical reaction between the front of the molten metal and the foam pattern in the process of lost foam casting, the present numerical simulation technology can not successfully analyze its complex process, so the ProCAST software can be successfully used for the simulation analysis, and the process optimization can also be carried out through the simulation results. Finally, there is not much guidance for the actual production, but this paper successfully uses the simulation analysis software to simulate the lost foam casting process of gray cast iron gearbox and optimize its casting process.

2)The three-dimensional drawing is repaired by using the geomesh software, and then the mesh is drawn by meshcast, which is helpful to reduce the workload of modifying the mesh in the later stage. The surface mesh assembly and Boolean operation of castings and sand boxes are carried out by ProCAST software, without Boolean operation in 3D modeling software.

3) In the process of gearbox simulation, some parameters and boundary conditions need to be set. In order to verify whether these parameters and boundary conditions are reasonable, it is necessary to compare the simulation results with the actual production results and find that they are basically consistent, which verifies its rationality.

4) A new stepped gating system is designed and optimized through the analysis of simulation results. The optimized gating system has a good effect. This provides a reference direction for the design of EPC gating system of box parts.

5) Several groups of different parameters of pouring temperature and vacuum negative pressure are designed and simulated. From the simulation results, the effects of pouring temperature and vacuum negative pressure on the filling process, solidification process and shrinkage defects of gray iron box EPC can be analyzed.