Software system function of engine block iron castings

Based on B / S architecture, namely browser / server mode, the digital gating and riser process system of cylinder body iron castings can be realized through web server. Under this design system, the digital gating and riser system mainly includes seven modules: administrator login, casting basic information, process parameter information, gating system design, feeding system design, casting calculation tool, user information and so on. The overall functional structure of digital gating and riser system.

(1) Basic information of casting: including sand casting, sand mold material, number of core / sub core groups, blank holder width, etc.

(2) Process parameter information: including machining allowance, mold position, minimum wall thickness, draft angle, minimum cast hole (unit: mm) of gray iron and nodular iron castings.

(3) Gating system design: including pouring time, pouring temperature, number of gates, gate size, pouring method, gating system (f straight: F horizontal: F inside), gating system section shape (runner / runner), etc.

(4) Feeding system design: including riser standard structure, riser feeding volume, riser cooling structure, riser neck size, etc.

(5) Casting calculation tool: including the casting process of typical cylinder block iron castings, numerical simulation calculation of casting process, etc.

(6) User information: including user name, login account, password and other information.

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