Strategic development objectives of Chinese foundry manufacturers

The foundry industry in major industrial countries is developing steadily with the development of their national economy. However, from the current development of foundry industry in industrial countries, it does not show a significant increase in output, but mainly lies in the adjustment of product structure, the improvement of product quality, labor productivity and working conditions. The current international and domestic environment has created more opportunities for the development of the foundry industry. Therefore, foundry manufacturers should find their own position as soon as possible and be fully prepared to participate in the international market competition.

The guiding ideology for the development of the casting industry is to take the market as the guidance, focus on the adjustment of industrial structure, take the upgrading of industrial technology as the goal, and take the application of advanced technology as the means to strengthen technological innovation and corporate culture construction, so as to improve the casting quality, economic benefits and the overall competitiveness of the market. Based on this, the strategic development goal of the foundry industry can be set as: Based on the foundry manufacturers, build the core competitiveness of the foundry manufacturers, and realize the sustainable development of the foundry manufacturers and even the whole industry.

At present, the market focus has shifted from producers to consumers. The intensification of economic globalization and competition has prompted multinational corporations to compete to cultivate core competitiveness that can win or maintain a leading position. Any foundry that wants to make a difference regards the core competitiveness as an important strategic resource related to the life and death of the foundry. Core competitiveness has become the core issue of contemporary foundry business strategy.

  1. From the perspective of foundry strategy. Core competitiveness is the highest and most lasting unit in the formation of strategy. It is the central theme of foundry strategy, which determines the effective strategic activity field of foundry. For this reason. Foundry manufacturers are required to take cultivating and improving the core competitiveness of foundry manufacturers as an important development strategic goal of foundry manufacturers. As long as we grasp the main line of cultivating core competitiveness, we can drive the development of foundry manufacturers in all aspects and bring the limited human, material and Optimize the allocation of strategic resources such as financial resources to the direction conducive to the long-term survival and development of foundry manufacturers. The cultivation of core competitiveness of foundry manufacturers is a long-term process. Only unremitting efforts can achieve success. Therefore, it must be arranged as a long-term development strategy.
  2. From the perspective of foundry users, the starting point of core competitiveness is to provide users with valuable interests, that is, core competitiveness can help foundry manufacturers do better than their competitors in creating the value valued by customers and reducing costs, which first lays the market foundation of foundry manufacturers. For example, some scholars attribute McDonald’s growth experience to its core competitiveness. McDonald’s creates more value than Burger King and other competitors, such as sanitation and family harmony.
  3. From the perspective of the future development of foundry manufacturers, the core competitiveness is like an incubator, which can open the potential market of a variety of products and expand new industry fields. It can continuously derive a series of innovative products and services for consumers, which can ensure the long-term vitality of foundry manufacturers in the market. For example, McDonald’s fast service system and Mobil’s worldwide sales service mechanism, many large foundry manufacturers in the world have developed a series of product lines and service systems centered on their core competitiveness, and finally obtained a stable competitive advantage in the corresponding market.
  4. From the perspective of foundry competition, the core competitiveness is generally unique and not easy to be imitated and transferred. It is the source and basis of foundry lasting competitive advantage, which makes its leading position in the market difficult to be replaced. Objectively, small and medium-sized foundry manufacturers can not compete with monopolists in most aspects. Therefore, it is very important for these foundry manufacturers to create a relatively strong position. Through the above analysis, we can see that the core competitiveness has inestimable strategic significance for the long-term sustainable development of foundry manufacturers. The essence of competition among foundry manufacturers is the long-term competition between their core competitiveness. The development and growth of a foundry is inseparable from the cultivation of core competitiveness by foundry manufacturers, and the cultivation of core competitiveness is the transformation of foundry manufacturers from small to large and from weak to strong. Not only International Foundry manufacturers emphasize the core competitiveness of enterprises, but also domestic foundry manufacturers attach great importance to the cultivation of their core competitiveness.
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