Structural technology analysis of casting parts of support platform

The most important part of the casting process design is the process plan, which mainly includes two parts: part structure analysis and casting process plan analysis. According to the structural characteristics, technical requirements, production batch and other conditions of the parts, determine the casting process, draw the casting process diagram and mold diagram; then according to the casting process diagram drawn, combined with the selected modeling scheme and process card, draw the pattern diagram and mold diagram.

The parts of support table are composed of flange, taper, inner cavity and small hole. The production nature of this product is single piece small batch production. Gray cast iron has good wear resistance, good liquid fluidity, small solidification shrinkage, high compressive strength, good vibration absorption, sufficient strength and rigidity when used, which can meet the working requirements of the support platform, and the price is appropriate, so gray cast iron is selected as the casting material.

The outline dimension of this part is 160mm * 200mm * 200mm, the main wall thickness is 12mm, and the maximum wall thickness is 20mm, which is a small casting; the machine support platform part is mainly used to bear the static load, that is to say, it supports the machine and other components while working, and it is often in the pressure state, so it is required to be able to resist pressure and wear. Therefore, it is made of gray cast iron HT150. The structure of the parts is shown below.

support platform casting parts
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