Structure design of casting valve body for globe valve

Stop valve is an indispensable fluid control product in modern industry, which plays a role of cutting off and throttling in the pipeline. Stop valve belongs to the category of general valve, which is widely used and widely used. Because its manufacturing process is not very complex, there are many manufacturers producing and manufacturing stop valve, but at the same time, the quality of stop valve on the market is uneven and the price competition is fierce. Therefore, how to optimize the design and manufacture of stop valve, on the basis of ensuring the safety and reliability of the product, is more economical and environmental protection.

The valve body is the core part of the globe valve. Firstly, the opening and closing process of the valve disc and valve seat is carried out in the valve body, and the valve body plays a role in stabilizing the valve; secondly, the cavity structure of the valve body has a great influence on the fluidity of the medium, which is related to whether it meets the engineering requirements. Therefore, the rationality of valve body structure design is very important. According to the working experience, the design details of stop valve body are summarized and introduced.

The casting globe valve has strong versatility, wide market and large product demand. This paper mainly introduces the design steps of casting stop valve body and some design principles to be followed. Under the premise of following relevant design standards and safe use, the economy of the valve should be ensured as much as possible.

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