The technological process of lost foam casting

Lost Foam Casting has a very detailed process during its making. Firstly, we need to produce some empty foam model to make a complete casting system, then brush the tailor-made painting on the pervaporation and need to be totally dried.

Secondly, we need to install the tailor-made inter-layer sand box on the vibration table which should be filled with dried sand. Then make the bottom sand hard enough on the vibration table, smoothing and filling sand around it after putting the dried pervaporation on the bottom sand.

Thirdly of the lost foam casting technological process, the top of the sand box need to be covered with plastic film. Using the pouring cup to inhaling the air from the box. Then we could start to pour metal inside after the dried sand is hard enough and be shaped.

At last of the lost foam casting technological process, we need to release the vacuum. After the condensation of the casting which should be turn over which will make it easier to take out the casting mold from the box.

In a word, the process of lost foam casting is a complex process which need high technology and time but worm welcomed by the factories since the low costs. But the choose of foam and casting materials are also important to the final result of the lost form casting.