The History of Cast Iron Parts

China in 513 BC, cast the earliest written records of cast iron parts of the world – the state of Jin cast cauldrons and weighs about 270 kilograms.craft has reached a quite high level, Casting refers to the solid metal melt as liquid into the specific shape of the casting, awaiting the coagulation process, processing way of solidification, include: cast iron parts, cast copper parts,cast aluminum parts etc, special casting mold include: lost foam casting, sand mould casting, investment casting, metal mold casting, ceramic mold casting, etc. common mold material is the original sand, clay, sodium silicate, resin and other auxiliary materials. the original sand include: magnesia olivine sand, disthene sand and graphite sand, quartz sand, magnesia and zircon sand and chromite sand, iron ore, etc.

In Europe before and after the eighth century began the production of iron castings. The emergence of cast iron parts, expand the application range of castings. In the 15 ~ 17 century, for example, Germany, France and other countries has been equipped with a lot of to residents cast iron parts(pipes) for drinking water. Afterthe industrial revolution of 18th century, industries of the steam engine, the loom and railway were on the upgrade ,casting into the new period for serving the great industry ,the technology of casting had great. Development.