The advantage of lost mold in casting process

(1) When using polystyrene foam in white mold manufacture, its density is very small, and the labor intensity of the operators is low during the operation. The foam material will not pollute the environment and damage the human body at normal temperature. It is also easy to achieve cleaner production.

(2) Compared with the traditional casting process, the lost foam casting process does not need to make the core, which greatly simplifies the mold making process. The post-treatment process of sand used in casting is also simple. The carrying capacity of white mold and yellow mold between processes is also small, which greatly reduces the labor intensity. In the process of white mold processing and transportation, it is easy to realize mechanized and automatic production.

(3) Due to the use of dry sand molding, the fluidity is good, the sand mixing procedure and equipment can be avoided, and the generation of noise and dust can be greatly reduced, so that the old sand recovery equipment and process can also be saved.

(4) The lost foam casting method does not use the production of the core. The precision of the blank castings produced by this method is relatively high, and the refractory coating on the outer surface of the blank is easy to fall off. In this way, the cleaning of the blank in the later stage of production is simple, and the labor intensity of the operators can be reduced.

(5) Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other exhaust gases produced in the production process of lost foam casting are relatively small. During casting, the white mold material decomposes and gasifies under the action of high temperature of molten metal, resulting in a small amount of waste gas such as carbon monoxide and dioxide, which can be effectively treated in the process of vacuumizing.

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