The Advantages of Vacuum Casting Process

V casting process method known as “vacuum seal shape casting” or “the negative shape casting” which with conventional sand casting are very different. It is use of non- adhesive dry sand do modeling material, use of plastic film sealing sand box, type extracted by vacuum extraction system within the air pressure difference between inside and outside the mold, so dry sand compacted to form the desired cavity, down- core, combined boxes, vacuum casting solidification of the casting, vacuum lifting, along with collapsing sand castings obtained.

Compared with traditional sand casting, V casting process method has the following advantages: first, because of its negative pressure casting, casting trachoma small pores, product Dense , smooth surface, outline clear , accurate size ; second, energy- efficient and clean production; third, mold and sand box long service life; fourth, the metal utilization; fifth, improving the working environment , reducing labor intensity . V casting process is a kind of very promising advanced casting process. Since put into use, there are a dozen countries and regions in the world using it, part of the institutions of higher learning, scientific research units, casting factory to test the new technology and research and achieved certain results. With the continuous development of the technology, the introduction of foreign production lines, as well as the domestic foundry workers continuously grope and practice, and the development of the technology to get fast.

Vacuum casting process process shows unique advantages and broad prospects in casting production .In a long time in the future: V method casting application range is widened.