Requirements for Casting Supplies in Our Country

casting supplies (1)Since 2000, casting supplies production in China has been the highest in the world for 11 consecutive years. However, this kind of first state is behind many inharmonious. The casting scrap rate in most foundry enterprises in our country is multiplied above the level of developed countries. Esperially, the casting defects caused by poor quality of casting supplies and scrap situation happen incessantly.

So, struggles on the quality of casting supplies should be persistant. With the guarantee on the quality of casting supplies, we can make the high quality castings which will lead to powerful casting country.

Nowadays, there are new requirements for casting supplies in large iron foundry industry. Casting industry is such kind of industry with large cast, especially for large-sized casting whose quantity of materials is much higher than the number of small-sized castings.

So the price of casting materials determines the casting cost. For example, the resin sand which substitue the clay sand in modelling process, although its performance is better than clay sand, its price problem becomes the important factors that affect the cost of casting supplies. Only with quality assurance as well as cost reduction in production of casting supplies, China’s foundry industry can have strong competitiveness in the world.